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About Jewellery Software

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About Jewellery

Jewellery Billing Software

RATHINAM - A finest quality and reliable Jewellery Management Software from INTEG Technologies

INTEG Technologies is a global Independent Software Developing Service provider with a multi-domain focus with technological innovation

  • We are team of Engineers with 6+ years experience in latest Technologies.
  • We are always developing the Softwares according to the clients requirement.
  • We are not believing to promote Tailor made softwares to all Clients. Our core objective is to serve our local and global clients with care and hospitality.

We understand that business value cannot be achieved through technology alone. It starts with people experts working together to get to the heart of your individual business objectives and develop the most adapted solutions to fit these requirements. We believe this human-centered approach to technology is what makes the difference for your business.

Jewellery Shop Management

Jewellery Software

Multiple Masters

Masters like Company, Customers, Suppliers, Aacharis, Account Ledgers etc., can be Create/Modify according to the volume of Business transactions.

Purchase Entry

Purchase Entries like Supplier Ornaments, Bullion Purchase and Old Gold Purchase from Customers can be maintainted very easily.

Counter Allocation

Physically distribute the purchased items to different places in the shop so that it will be very easy to track and also avoid physical theft during business hours.

Customized Reports

Quick, Easy Reports generations with customized data for periodical dates. Reports can also be export to external applications.

Retail Billing

Jewellery Retail Billing Software

Jewellery Software(Rathinam) is a complete windows-based billing, inventory management, and accounting system solution for Retailers & Wholesalers in Gold, Silver, Diamond Jewellers to takes care of each and every activity in the shop.

It's a complete solution from Purchase planning to Balance Sheet generation and GST filing. Jewellery Software(Rathinam) is Best accounting Software for small/medium/large businesses, handling multiple customers.

Jewellery Software(Rathinam) is the best accounting software your retail & wholesale business to manage customer billing, bar-coding, return & repair, purchase & planning's, suppliers, stocks, counter stocks, finance, receivables & issuable.

Retail Billing Software

Jewellery GST Billing Software

Jewellery Software(Rathinam) is the Real Accounting and Inventory Software which gives you 100% satisfaction control on your business with GST. It’s flexibility, easiness, customization features and dedicated technical support are the major reasons behind its success.

Jewellery Software(Rathinam) you can mange easily of your regular purchase like supplier ornaments purchase, supplier bullion purchase and old gold purchase from customers, push to stock and generate beautiful customized reports.

These reports has filters to select date wise, supplier wise and customer wise report generations and export these reports to external applications like EXCEL, PDF, CSV files.

erp billing

Jewellery Barcode Billing Software

Generate barcode tags for each item and track the same until an item was sold out. Manage inventory item wise, weight wise, barcode wise, images wise, item wise, item group wise, purity wise, stock summary, stock register and stock valuation.

Manage Karigar accounts and registers very easy account of raw materials issued and get Receipt of finished goods and their outstanding balances.

Sales billing is very user friendly for the operator without killing customers time. Item searching with available stock quantity and weight, Cash/ Credit details, customer outstanding, Item exchange and more features are in single screen.

Jewellery Management Software more features

Some key points about our Jewellery Software

Daily Rate

Adding Metal rates during Morning and Afternoon everday will reflects in biling easier and keep track on Metal rate history.

Integrated Purchase

Integrated purchase form capable of handling Supplier Ornaments purchase and Supplier Metal purchase along with Purchase return and search by Purchase Id/ Date/ Supplier/ Business name.

Counter Allocation

Physically keep/ move the purcashed items in Locker/ Sales counters and it will be very simple to keep track on the items until it was Sold Out.

Aachari(Karigar) Management

Manage Karigar Issue Register/ Receipt Register in simple form with track records and outsatanding Metals with them.

Chit Management

Monthly Saving Chit schemes for multple groups along with customer details, paid history, bonus, Gold savings in terms of weight for their paid value along with detailed reports.

Stock Management

A well planned Stock Management System will helps to keep track of each items by Metal, Category, Sub- Category, Weight, Quantity with beautiful cistomized report.

Sales Management

Automatic billing system by Barcodes along with Manual adjustable fields, Old item Exchange, Customer balance details, Bill with or without GST Bill.

Customize Integration

Along with Standard versions our Applications can be customized easily according to your user friendly and business requirements.

Customized Reports

Each and every report can be customized according to your filter criteria and presentation. Reports can be exported into external applications.

Graphical Charts

Pictorial representation of Purchase, Stock, Sales, Expenses etc., was represented by Graphs and Charts for easy understanding.

Day Book Entry

Everyday transactions can be updated to its respective accounts related to Accounts Master. This will help to generate detailed Ledger Reports.

Balance Sheet

A complete Balance Sheet will helps to Audit all the transactions related to Assets, Liabilities, Incomes and Expenses which helps to file GST Reports.

Data Backup

Data Backup and Restore made very simple steps to complete. Multiple data can be stored compactly even in USB Drive.No probabily for Data Crash,

Technical Support

Dedicated technical support from our highly experienced technical experts helps our customer happy and it lets to concentrate only on their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some more common clarifications

  • Rathinam is a Windows based Inventory Management and Accounting Software for Retail and Wholesale Small/ Medium Jewellery Shops developed by Chennai(INDIA) based INTEG Technologies.

  • Considering customers Data Security and Customers Privacy presently Rathinam is Completely Windows based Platform only.

  • Rathinam have different versions depending upon the Revenue of the Business like Small Retail Shop with or without Barcode, Medium Retail Shop with with or without Barcode, Wholesale shop with or without Barcode. Large scale Enterprises with Client Server Topology.

  • If you are interested for demo please go thru the demo section to check Offline Video Demo in YouTube or Please call +91 944 5656 111 to get Demo Online or at your Business place directly by our team.

  • Being customized software, depending upon the volume of the transactions Rathinam will cost according to the customization. It will be one time payment no need to renew the application every year.

Jewellery Software Offline Demo

Kindly go thru YouTube video presentation, Please call +91 944 5656 111 for onsite demo.

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A complete Jewellery shop Management software with Barcode tagging.

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